Nigeria Corporate Allaince


The world is in the third millennium and the nations of the world in their preparation to advance economically have formulated and still working tirelessly on policies that could bring positive advancement results. The advanced countries have and use their laid down development plans to advance their economies by pushing forward the economic development projections they have designed for their respective countries with public and private sector initiatives.

The Role of Government in the Living Standard of a Country

The role the government performs in an economy is clearly different from that of private sector. A well performing government formulates policies that stand as a catalyst for comprehensive economy growth and development which thereby spread across the country. Therefore policies of the government must complement the role the private sector is expected to play in a certain economy and not replace that of the private sector vice versa. In other words, the roles of public and private sector should be well defined and stated because when government plays the role of private sector, or private sector assumes the role of government, the people will suffer.

Our Community

The starting point for the nation and her people takes a root in the community as this is where leaders are born, educated, trained and raised. When they are grown to the age of making economic impart, they work and do their businesses in this same community. As a result any well-meaning and willing to perform government holds community development with high esteem. And that is why American government in its pro-activeness sees the benefits of developing the local communities to develop the entire America and uses its community as a starting point or first contact in all its developmental goals and plans.

Community Economic Development

In a private economy, the economic-driven engine that boosts a country’s economy is the middle class and this happens when the people of the community are fully engaged in economic activities. Skilled and unskilled labours can be created and restructured, the taxes and duties can be paid and then government generates income and in return build roads, schools, hospitals and provide other social benefits. Also, government creates and supports economic development initiatives and policies to create wealth. This is how they increase spending in each community and it will have positive multiplier economic effect as all other economic sectors also grow. The middle class are very economically important in that they bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. And with this wealth distributions and cultural value, many family members and friends get economic benefits and this is the reason Global Corporate Links is taking its operations to the Nigerian local communities.

Community Leaders/Organizers

A call to be a leader takes a great honour and challenge especially in a complex environment like Nigeria. It is a breath taken task that promises to be highly rewarding for the society if it is done with passion and compassion because of the needs of masses as the masses earnestly wait for good leaders they can trust and look up to. At Global Corporate Links, we have leaders and still working on training and bringing out perfect leaders in the people unto whom the leadership of our community networking programme is committed.

Corporate Agents and Community Organizer

As a part of our goals to achieve in West Africa, Corporate Structural Development was set up by Global Corporate Links as a bridge and gateway to economic growth for corporate sector in accordance with international standard to move away from conventional ways of business transaction in Nigeria and West Africa regions.

The areas covered by our Corporate Structure include:

1. Corporate Structural Management and Development System.

2. Corporate Alliance Group

3. State Economic Development Zone

4. Corporate Agents & Community Organizer.

The Roles of Community Organizers are:

a. To ally with their communities for economic development.

b. To open the doors of business opportunities to the people in their communities.

c. To support and get involve in economic development of their communities.

d. To introduce all the qualify corporate group to Global Corporate Links

e. To lead the people in their communities to economic development programmes.

f. To actively embark on other important programmes that will bring economic growth to their communities.

Nigeria Corporate Allaince nigeria corporate alliance