Nigeria Corporate Allaince


There shall be industrial zones located in each state of the country. The main essence of this is to tap and maximise the benefits of raw materials that each of these states is naturally endowed with for production purposes. And, to aid the establishment of a manufacturing firm that will turn such raw materials into finished products right in that state/zone. Here, our engineer partners who engage in fabrication of machines work hand in hand with the people in this group to achieve their goals.

Our passion for community economic development is the reason for establishing zonal industrial layout by which we set up manufacturing firms in three (3) locations across each state. This is a strategy from which industrial development must take its root as every state in Nigeria is naturally endowed with one or more natural resources and we are set to turn these resources into finished products for local, national and international market and consumption.

Our major view in this regard is to create a zone-based centre for production, distribution and storage with the aim of using the natural resources which can be richly found in each zone as raw materials for our finished products.

We also plan to utilise all the opportunities at our disposal to develop all these natural resources and convert them into industrial materials. In other words, as we source for raw materials locally, community farmers and people will benefit from this a lot as well as we also enjoy some advantages.

Nigeria Corporate Allaince nigeria corporate alliance